Packaging and shipping solutions for almost any need

Let FabriTEQ handle the packaging, while you focus on your product

FabriTEQ provides turnkey packaging and assembly solutions. From the primary package to the shipping case, FabriTEQ can provide a secure and compliant containment for your product

Available options include:

  • Sterile and non-sterile packaging
  • Pouching, including custom printing and combinations of Tyvek®, paper, foil, and film
  • Sealing and opening options such as chevron and wave seals, notched opening, and sterile barriers
  • Package lot coding, expiry dating, and UDI barcode verification
  • Bulk, market unit, and individual packaging

Reliable packaging solutions for any need

Our engineers can recommend the right flexible materials for packaging that meets your requirements. We can help you find the best balance between cost, efficiency, and quality for your products packaging solutions.

High-quality packaging options without the bottlenecks

At FabriTEQ, we prioritize responsiveness and resilience throughout our supply chain. Thanks to our strong relationships with a wide range of material suppliers across the USA, we can offer quick turnaround times on a variety of substrates and components. We have also developed multiple sources for many of our packaging materials, most right here in the USA. So as material lead times rise and supplies dwindle, FabriTEQ can still offer a wide range of materials to meet your project needs, without worries about overseas shipping bottlenecks.

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Exceptional Service and Expertise

Jon Veal has been a tremendous packaging resource; his service level is exceptional; we really appreciate the expertise he has provided in some of our recent launches.

S.D. Major Medical Labeler and Packager

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